Mary Boys: Beefheads!

Almost forgot about this Blogger account. Lots has happened since the last post. We have fulfilled on the old comic and launched a new campaign for the next volume MARY BOYS: BEEFHEADS! A 74 page collection of self-contained stories. BACK IT HERE!

You can order the comics from the first campaign here:

One more before I dive in

Warm up inks

Warm up inks before I get started on the pages to remind myself of the desired balance between line art and ink washes. Just a touch of shade does the job with the rest a stark choice between black and white line

Let's get slaughtered

Get your meme's. After Article 13 becomes law we will all have to use public domain images for our meme's so I thought I'd get in early. 

Character designs

These guys have been kicking around in my brain for years. The fleshing out process left me with a very good idea of who they were and what they stand for.


Parrish - the 25 facial expressions challenge

The boys


I've been skulking around several of Bristol's churches in the hope of finding one that would fit the bill for the Mary Boys' church, but they are all either too big, don't have the elements required for the story, or simply weren't built in the gothic style. Finally I cut and pasted a church from several different sources, but mostly St John's on the Wall and St Mary's of Redcliffe.

St John's on the Wall

St Mary's of Redcliffe

St John's on the Wall